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Mar 20


As we continue to battle the COVID-19 scourge with consequent lockdowns globally, ACEFUELS has taken proactive measures in-line with government and FUTO directives on social distancing and 'stay-at-home' order to minimize the spread of the virus.  Consequently, the ACEFUELS campus is still on shut down from Thursday the 26th March 2020.. All members of staff have been directed to work from home during this period. Students are encouraged to visit our on-line learning platform OYLex for directives on upcoming course contents.
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Centre Objectives

The primary goal of ACE-FUELS (African Center of Excellence in Future Energies and Electrochemical Systems) is to actively contribute towards the development and deployment of renewable and clean energy technologies in Nigeria and indeed Sub Saharan Africa, and in this way address the regional development challenge of poor availability and access to energy. ACE-FUELS is envisaged to:-

Develop a critical mass of well-trained researchers to meet requirement of R&D professionals for clean energy and related high technology applications.

Initiate and support high end research, to extend knowledge beyond the existing practice in the industry.

Promote local content in research and innovations by initiating necessary value-driven industry-academia collaborations.

Partner with local content industry initiatives within the region to help develop competencies by providing bespoke work-based learning events, activities and tools in line with global best practices.

To set up standard laboratories, with facilities for multi-disciplinary research projects based on electrochemical and energy related technologies.



Pressing national needs such as poor electricity coverage and access, low capacity utilization requires sound understanding and grasp of certain pertinent scientific, technical and business skills. Currently, FUTO offers MSc and PhD programmes in the following areas related to ACE-FUELS mandate:-

MEng/PhD in Energy and Power, Industrial and Production Design.

MEng/PhD in Power Systems Engineering, Control Systems Engineering.

MSc/PhD Physical Chemistry, Polymer Science, Materials Science.

MSc/PhD Solid State Physics, Solar Energy Physics, Astrophysics.

MEng/PhD Drilling Engineering, Reservoir Engineering, Production Engineering.

MSc/PhD Environmental Technology, Geophysics



The core research goal of ACE-FUELS is to develop novel technologies and new materials for efficient exploitation of the region’s abundant energy resources. ACE-FUELS shall achieve its research mandate by engaging in multi-disciplinary research projects in three core areas of Future Energies, Electrochemical Systems and Advanced Functional Materials, based on a common pool of electrochemical facilities. The OUTPUT includes:-

Improved creativity & innovation.

Develop new processes & product lines.

More efficient RE generation and deployment systems.


Stakeholder Based

Stakeholders, Researchers & students from different national & regional universities; Industries, Government agencies are in collaboration and utilize our facilities and cross functional expertise. The OUTPUT of the collaboration includes:-

Local, national & regional improvements in research quality.

Improved research capacity and research output.

Industrial contract testing & Revenue generation to the Centre.


Students Welfare

We put in place an efficient and professionally-run international office, with support personnel ready to meet the social and personal needs of the students. All staff of the Centre is committed to promoting student welfare, with an effective student welfare program in place, with all the developmental, preventive and remedial aspects. An orientation programme is organized within the first week for all newly admitted students, to familiarize them with the Centre and larger University community as well as impart general personal development and inter-personal and leadership skills necessary for positive co-existence in a multicultural environment as envisaged. Regional students are encouraged to participate in all student activities and initiatives.

Student Retention and Support

In order to motivate the students to greater performance, the Centre maintains publication requirements for PG thesis submission and defence and establish a post-submission publication awards scheme for students. We shall devise performance-based criteria for awarding graduate assistantships, graduate fellowships and financial grants, scholarships to deserving students. We always strive to secure student internship positions with national and international industries and sectoral partners, most of who have already committed to this. We consistently maintain student interest by designing new courses, new visiting lectures, workshops and hands-on sessions that address important student issues like improving research skills, writing good research publications, plagiarism, craftsmanship, securing fellowships etc. The Centre works out personalized fees payments in installments where necessary. ACE-FUELS frequently evaluate strategies to boost timely completion of PG programs and include PG student supervision and completion targets in staff appraisal definitions. The idea is to promote excellence in supervision through policy, best practice guidelines and training.


Mentoring is a vital component in training FUTO undergraduate and postgraduates and for preparing students for successful research opportunities and careers after their time in the University. Through mentoring, students have the opportunity to acquire conceptual and technical skills in addition to research experience and related activities that will contribute to their future careers. Due to the interdisciplinary, diverse nature of ACE-FUELS activities, student mentoring is particularly essential to program success. Our mentoring program will provide cross-disciplinary mentoring to enrich the feedback and advice the students receive. There will be two types of mentoring that we implement for ACE-FUELS.

First, ACE-FUELS faculty will be matched with FUTO undergraduate (potential postgraduate) students who express interest in the research focus areas of the Centre through participation in ACE-FUELS outreach and sensitization programmes (seminars, workshops). Advisors will be matched to students based primarily on students’ stated research interests and/or their participation in their research studies. Gender, background, or personal interests may also be considered. Such engagement efforts will guide students to identify graduate research opportunities and preparing them to pursue graduate education.

In the second mentoring approach, student participants will receive less formal, peer-to-peer mentoring. New students will be assigned as mentees to more experienced older student. In so doing, ACE-FUELS shall adopt a strategy which places researchers and students with multiple levels of experience and education in research and education settings in a progressive mentoring structure that has a measurable impact on individuals at all levels. These mentoring relationships are collaborative in nature and allows students to observe role modeling from those senior to them, and then to exercise mentoring to those immediately junior. By providing mechanisms for more frequent and more meaningful mentoring experiences and developing mentoring skills, we expect ACE-FUELS participants will more readily conceptualize and realize the next stage in their academic and research careers.


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All programmes in ACE-FUELS shall be run in English Language. English appreciation courses are available under the ELSP for Regional/International students who do not speak English as first Language.

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