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ACE-FUELS is an acronym for the African Center of Excellence in Future Energies and Electrochemical Systems, domiciled at the Federal University of Technology Owerri, Nigeria. It was set up primarily to fill a growing education, skills and information gap in the field of renewables and other clean energy sources within the sub region and in this way address the regional development challenge of poor availability and access to energy. The center focuses on four core areas of discipline namely; Clean & Future Energy, Electrochemical Systems, Nanotechnology and Corrosion Technology, which complement each order and prioritizes research and development; knowledge sharing and dissemination; community education, technical skills and capacity development.

The objective of ACE-FUELS align perfectly with the mission of the Federal University of Technology, which is to operate practical and result-oriented programs and training geared towards transforming the nation’s economy with a sound technological base.

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Nigeria and other Sub Saharan African countries are grappling with the challenge of increasing energy demands in order to reduce poverty and improve human and societal well-being. On the other hand, the global drive towards low carbon emission means that the bulk of the future energies must be from clean and renewable sources. Indeed, there is really no shortage of energy in the sub region, which has an abundance of renewable energy resources (solar, wind, biomass, hydrothermal, clean hydrocarbon). What is lacking is the requisite skilled human resources as well as the technological, educational, physical and economic infrastructures for efficient and inexpensive exploitation of the available resources, to effectively navigate this challenging and complicated transition from the conventional to clean energies.

The Africa Centre of Excellence in Future Energies and Electrochemical Systems (ACE-FUELS) at the Federal University of Technology Owerri, Nigeria, is established to fill a growing education, skills and information gap in the field of renewable and other clean energy sources within the sub region and in this way address the regional development challenge of poor availability and access to energy.

The Centre’s focus is on four core areas of Clean Energy, Electrochemical Systems, Corrosion Protection and Advanced Functional Materials, which complement each other and shall prioritize research and development, knowledge sharing and dissemination, community education, technical skills and capacity development, stakeholder engagement, industry partnerships, research translation and commercialization as its core functions. The overriding goal is to develop novel technologies and new materials for efficient exploitation of the region’s abundant energy resources. The Centre’s functionality shall bear a national and regional outlook, which would ultimately facilitate development of local, national and regional research competence, including requisite technical skills and infrastructure for more efficient exploitation and utilization of available clean energy sources in order to popularize acceptance and drive down the costs.

The Centre shall achieve its core education and training mandate by strengthening relevant existing programmes in FUTO and introducing novel PhD, MSc and professional certificate programmes, as well as training and skills support programme for young entrepreneurs. The ACE-FUELS Centre is involved in multi-disciplinary research projects in its core areas, based on a common pool of state-of-the-art electrochemical facilities to support transfer of knowledge and new technologies within the region and thus enable partner organizations deliver challenging projects in a competitive manner.

ACE-FUELS is partnering directly with 24 academic institutions (5 national, 9 regional and 10 international) for education and research collaborations in such areas as postgraduate training, research and co-supervision, lecture delivery, access to facilities, joint workshops etc. as well as with 8 industrial/sectoral partners who shall partake in setting training and research agenda, and offer adjunctships, fellowships, student internship positions etc. The Centre has forged cooperation with broad-based national, regional and international knowledge networks to evolve novel technologies and approaches, which optimally engage local and regional scientific talents, while linking global expertise.

The objectives of the proposed ACE-FUELS Centre align perfectly with the mission of the Federal University of Technology Owerri; “to operate practical and result-oriented programmes and training geared towards transforming the nation’s economy from consumer-oriented to production-oriented, with a sound technological base. The initiative satisfies the energy priority of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), to fully utilize the opportunities that promote greenhouse gas mitigation, as well as the National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategies (NEEDS) on the development of power generation infrastructure. Moreover, energy is central to virtually all MDGs, as access to equitable and sustainable energy is a precursor to poverty reduction/eradication, wealth generation, good health services, women empowerment and enhancing literacy.


On March 14, 2018, the Electrochemistry and Materials Science Research Unit (EMRU-FUTO) partnered with Bio-Logic Science Instruments (France) to organize a workshop tagged “Future of Electrochemistry in Modern Africa 1:New Trends in Electrochemistry and the Role of Electrochemical Technologies in Africa’s Economic Development”. The key objective of the event was to inform and familiarize the FUTO Research Community on the wide-ranging applications of techniques in Electrochemical Science and Technology, which has capacity to institute and nurture multidisciplinary research initiatives in the frontiers of science and presents a ready means for FUTO researchers to engage in top-rate high impact research.

The workshop participants massively supported the idea of the setting up a University-wide multidisciplinary research group, to develop multi-disciplinary research projects based on electrochemical technologies, as well as to draft a comprehensive research proposal to set up an International Centre for Electrochemical Energy, Nanotechnologies and Interfacesin FUTO.Thus, the Electrochemical Energy, Interfaces and Nanotechnology (EMINeNT) Research Consortium was created.

Following the call for proposals for the Africa Centres of Excellence for Development Impact (ACE 3) in May 2018, the proposal submitted to the World Bank won the grant that would enable establishment of the Africa Centre of Excellence in Future Energies and Electrochemical Systems (ACE-FUELS) at the Federal University of Technology Owerri.

Our People

ACE-FUELS Management Team, comprising both academic and non academic members

When I joined Press Club at FUTO, I became a part of a leading company of campus journalists. I encourage all students to participate in campus activities, FUTO is a great stepping to a better and brighter future.

Oji Udezue

Vice President of Product & Design @ Calendly

I joined FUTO and was under the impression that work would be a non-creative, but it was just the opposite. I am so grateful to my instructors! FUTO gives you the resources for both academic excellence and a great social life. The people I met there and the contacts I made will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Stanhope Nwachukwu

MD/CEO @ Jennissi Foods Limited

The FUTO campus atmosphere is lively, a good place to meet new people and the experience is fantastic. My experience at the University was awesome starting from the tutors, student support center, and counselling given to students when they are stressed regarding any issue.

Bob Oji

MD @ JustCardz Int’l


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Can I just enroll in a single course?

Yes. participants are very free to enrol in a single course

What is the refund policy?

A course participants is eligible for a refund if the application for cancellation is received two weeks before the commencement of the course/training.

What background knowledge is necessary?

Foundational/technical knowledge and awareness of the subject is necessary for optimal benefit.

Do I need to take the courses in a specific order?

No. Each course will contain an introductory section and will be independent of other courses.

How will the courses/training be delivered?

Depends on the instructors. Some courses are face-to-face classroom sessions, some are online courses and some are delivered via a blended learning approach (i.e. a combination of class room “face-to-face” and e-learning)

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