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FUTO has an existing Institute of Women and Gender Development Studies, as well as strong gender policies to promote diversity and inclusion. The ACE-FUELS is adopting the FUTO gender policy that insensitive to the needs of women with the ultimate goal as to achieve equity or equality. Such sensitivity entails searching, considering and accommodating social relations between women and men in their context, in any analysis of policy, planning and programming access to resources, opportunities and rewards of labour in terms of retention, position placement/rank, such as improved maternity condition with the objective of ensuring a positive impact on women and men and bridging gender disparities.

Indeed, gender equality and women’s empowerment are key considerations in the establishment and operation of ACE-FUELS. We understand that wholesome women empowerment requires a transformation of power relations; hence we have appointed capable women into management positions like the Deputy Director, Academic Programme Coordinator, Financial Management Coordinator and Administrative Team Lead.

Generally nondiscriminatory clauses prohibiting exclusion on account of ethnic grouping, sex, place of birth or family origin or religion or political persuasion from studentship, employment or membership of any group/body has been established. This helps to build a Centre devoid of gender discrimination, guaranteeing equal access to academic and research opportunities for female and male.

The number of female students enrolled for science and engineering courses has improved in recent years,nonetheless the field is still male dominated. We at ACE-FUELS understand that the technical skills shortages which have contributed to the slow pace of development in Sub Saharan African countries can be sufficiently bridged by encouraging females to take up careers in science, technology and innovation.Tertiary institutions have been identified as gates through which future entrants enter into any industry of choice. Yet, evidences reveal that female enrollment in science and engineering related programs remain low. Our strategies for attracting talented female students to ACE-FUELS programs include:

  1. Adequate career counseling, provision of a gender inclusive learning environment and admission incentives such as subsidized tuition, age limit extension,
  2. Exposure to female role models, improving work/life balance and personal motivation from the students.
  3. The Center provides adequate child-care facilities to encourage participation of young and nursing mothers.
  4. All harmful cultural, religious and social gender-biased practices, which reproduce or promote gender inequality, have been eliminated by instituting mechanisms for enforcing laws that regulate and penalize discriminatory practices. This helps to achieve equity and equality in employment opportunities and eliminate all discriminatory and abusive practices (on the grounds of sex, ethnicity, class, religion, age,disability, or marital status) against the employment or enrollment of women in the Center.

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