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The ACE-FUELS domiciles an extraordinary amount of materials, literature, reports, etc. Beginning with the evolution of the ACE concept of engagement and the current focus on engagement as a central function within FUTO, data will be provided in line with the university’s historic interaction with its region through the provision of the following; applied research, conferences, student internships, clinical partnerships, and technical support. ACE-FUELS will be engaged with institutions with well-developed engagement plans and programs to identify and review, regional/international projects, as ACE-FUELS progress toward achieving regional recognition as an engaged institution.

The Centre strives to increase its efforts to recruit and retain its historic student body and continually adjusts its programs, its delivery mechanisms, its pricing structure, and its student services to address the dynamic needs of the growing regional market within the Centre’s core disciplines. This sets ACE-FUELS on a course that ensures its future and positions it in a diverse region, as a Centre that is essential to both the national and the regional economy, with opportunities for engaged research, engaged learning, and engaged service in every discipline within her scope. Specific programs are designed to capitalize on the opportunities to provide service within the region such as; off-campus and/or graduate recruitment to generate sufficient enrolments to sustain and expand degree programs plus revenues to support on- and off-campus activities. To meet this goal the Centre has developed several initiatives, such as offering off-campus degree programs that are in the highest demand by students; targeting part-time, off-campus student body; and providing scholarships for part-time learners. Studies show that the population of adult, part-time, off-campus students is growing, while the population of 18- to 22-year olds (full time undergraduate students) is declining.

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