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ACE-FUELS seeks to achieve core education mandate by strengthening/modifying the relevant existing programs to appropriately link science with technology, as well as introducing novel bespoke PhD, MSc and certificate programmes related to the focus disciplines of the Center, with students drawn from Nigeria and within the Sub Saharan Africa region. The Centre provides standard facilities for teaching, learning and capacity development, with exciting and interactive learning opportunities for optimal development of technical and entrepreneurial skills, in order to solve pressing problems hindering energy and technology availability and access.


ACE-FUELS offers the following postgraduate programmes to train students in line with the goals of the Center:

  1. MSc/PhD in Future Energies: Focusing on renewable energy resources and their exploitation (solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, biomass, as well as hydrogen energy, clean hydrocarbon fuels and carbon capture/sequestration).
  2. MSc/PhD in Nanotechnology (nano-synthesis, characterization and applications, functional materials, energy materials, natural nanomaterials).
  3. MSc/PhD in Electrochemical Technology (electrochemical storage devices like batteries, supercapacitors; fuel cells).
  4. MSc/PhD in Corrosion Technology (corrosion monitoring and protection, coatings, corrosion modelling).

The core research goal of ACE-FUELS is to develop novel technologies and new materials for efficient exploitation of the region’s abundant energy resources. ACE-FUELS strives to achieve its research mandate by engaging in multi-disciplinary research projects in the core areas of Future Energies, Electrochemical Systems and Advanced Functional Materials. To this end, a state-of-the-art turn-key electrochemistry laboratory, with facilities for multi-disciplinary research projects based on electrochemical technologies is the backbone our research endeavors. Also, research projects in the different areas can be distinctly stand-alone and/or  complementary to research work in other areas as well.

The Center focuses  on new technologies for the supply of off-grid power in remote regions and in stand-alone devices that supply “residual” electricity with low maintenance and costs. The Center interests extends to developing new conversion technologies to enable more innovative exploitation of the abundant renewable energy resources in the region:

Workplace Learning

Workplace learning is a program that delivers Professional Industry Courses for Career Development. The ACE-FUELS Professional Training and Career Development Courses is designed to offer continuing education opportunities either on-campus, on-line or off-site, to enhance the expertise and credentials for science and technology professionals to develop up to date practical skills and thinking in order to excel in their careers.

A blended learning approach with the current FUTO eLMS is utilized to deliver formal education program in which a student learns at least in part through online delivery of content and instruction with some element of student control over time, place, path, and/or pace. Blended learning combines online traditional-face-to-face classroom instruction and a fully virtual online learning. On-campus courses include specialized industry-focused short programs to enhance skills and expertise required for professional development. Online courses combine the best of online resources, classroom and hands-on sessions to improve collaborative teaching and learning outcomes for selected professionals.


The off-site courses shall majorly target regional professionals can be delivered by moving the course to selected regional locations to encourage full participation. Currently, ACEFUELS has about twenty (20) topics for the short courses focusing on selected topics within the Center’s focus areas (renewable energy, corrosion protection, natural resource utilization) to be facilitated by highly qualified and experienced professors and senior lecturers of FUTO alongside industry subject matter experts. Course fees are based on  one-day short course fees, with minimum attendance for five (5) days.

All the ACE-FUELS short courses offers  Certificates of Attendance, while professional Certificates of Completion shall be awarded, in conjunction with the FUTO Center for Continuing Education, to participants who complete the training courses and successfully pass the examinations. This certificate of completion indicates that the participants have expanded their knowledge base and skills levels. The ACE-FUELS Professional Training and Career Development Courses is designed for early- and mid-career professionals involved in the following areas: renewable energy technologies, low-carbon and process sustainability, oil and gas exploration and production, corrosion monitoring protection, innovation and new products development, civil engineering and construction, project managers, supervisors and equipment suppliers, technical staff from various industries and government agencies, environmental professionals, regulators etc.

Participants are expected to be holders of university degrees (or equivalent) in the relevant areas, preferably with some professional experience. The courses shall as well be relevant for fresh graduates and intending entrepreneurs.

Training and Skills Support Programme

Start-ups and upcoming entrepreneurs often complain of lack of adequate training and skills support in science and technology, as well as entrepreneurship. Such start-ups and entrepreneurs benefit immensely from the ACE-FUELS Training and Skills Support program on topics in areas/fields such as Solar Energy Technology, Biomass Energy Technology, Solar panel installation and maintenance Technology, Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship; Electricity Storage devices for Renewable Energy, Corrosion Control Basics, Anti-corrosion Coatings Formulation, Cathodic Protection Systems, Business Management and Financing.

ACE-FUELS is committed to ensuring the integrity of our data/information by incorporating the highest appropriate standards of quality in all of our training and skills support programs. Accordingly, the Center adopt and implements the FUTO Environmental Laboratories Quality Control/Quality Assurance Procedure Manual and the Health, Safety, Environment and Security (HSES) Procedures as outlined in the FUTO Environmental Laboratories Community Affairs, Security, Health, Environmental and Safety (CASHES) guidelines. The Centre’s laboratories, workshops, facilities and processes have relevant national accreditations (like NiNAS, Nigeria National Accreditation Service, etc.) and international accreditations (such as ISO/IEC 17025 and NACE, National Association of Corrosion Engineers, SAE, International Well Control Forum – IWCF, IADC, OPITO, API, ISO-14001 & 9001, NEBOSH, IASP – International Association of Safety Professionals, etc. are either secured or in the process of being secured).

Consultancy Services:

ACE-FUELS has incorporated a Consultancy Unit, overseen by the ACE-FUELS Industry Liaison Officer. Through this avenue, the Center responds to tenders for contracts and consultancy services. The ACEFUELS Consultancy services unit has the primary goal of translating our multidisciplinary research expertise and output into tangible commercial impacts for our business partners in government and private sectors. The unit identifies and cultivates close relationships with clients that make commercial use of output from the Center and thereby sustain the relevance of the Center. This initiative promotes monetization of the expertise of ACE-FUELS faculty and staff.

In many cases, ACE-FUELS research output has been transformed into commercial products and services that simultaneously solve serious problems for the region and beyond while also creating economic value. ACE-FUELS projects demonstrates the ability to create local-based jobs and businesses. The proposed enterprise-funding model promotes collaborations with industry partners and other valued institutions. ACE-FUELS programs foster economic growth by providing advanced technologies, supporting local firms and enhancing the attractiveness of the region to outside investors. The resulting products/services commercialization will bring income to the Center.

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