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Start-ups and upcoming entrepreneurs often complain of lack of adequate training and skills support in science and technology, as well as entrepreneurship. Such start-ups and entrepreneurs benefit immensely from the ACE-FUELS Training and Skills Support program designed to offer hands-on training for young professionals without academic qualifications in:

  • Solar P-V installation and maintenance.
  • Cathodic Protection Systems.
  • Business Management and Financing etc.


The ROUTINE Programme

Objective: The objective of “Research Opportunities for Undergraduates: Training in New Energies (ROUTINE)” is to increase the pool of scientists engaged in the very relevant and complex field of clean energy research. It will do so through a focus on undergraduate students, particularly female students, providing them with hands-on research experience in diverse topics in Clean Energy and Energy Materials. Our focus on clean energy is driven by the importance and relevance of this topic to development of the sub region as well as the complex, collaborative and interdisciplinary nature of research in this area.

Approach: We will establish multidisciplinary undergraduate research programmes in clean energy that draws from FUTO’s strong research base in this area and our clean energy-related programs in physical, biological, environmental and engineering sciences. Our program will provide teaching, mentoring, and research expertise in clean energy sources and materials.  To do so, we will develop a new, innovative engagement and recruitment opportunities programmes for undergraduates from FUTO and other national and regional universities, as well as six-month research internships during the 4th year Students’ Industrial internship programme.  The ROUTINE programme shall provide targeted mentoring and support services to assist student participants in pursing graduate studies and research careers.

Expected Results: ROUTINE will enlarge the pool of undergraduate students that are interested in exploring clean energy research careers and create opportunities for up to 50 students over 5 years to participate in paid hands-on research experiences, mentoring, and complementary activities. Through these methods, ROUTINE will encourage undergraduate students to pursue research careers in clean energy, thus addressing a critical national and regional need.

ACE-FUELS Leadership Academy will train participants who are emerging leaders, focusing on communication, team building, securing resources and building a culture of excellence. The academy aims to create the next generation of local-based leaders with the capacities and capabilities to compete for, and oversee, the complex, large-scale, pan-university and interdisciplinary projects, necessary to address the complex problems sponsors are increasingly focused on. In the recent past, the region has received considerable criticism for its lack of leaders, and the ACE-FUELS leadership academy will help change that image by developing leadership-capable workforce required for the region to succeed in an increasingly competitive world economy. In addition, faculty and staff trained in the leadership academy will develop the skills to start and new private sector companies.

This initiative will be designed as an enterprise, seeking clients (businesses, federal agencies, non-governmental organizations) that want to increase their employees’ understanding of sustainability. Market research shows there is a demand for this type of education/training, especially if it is associated with a well-known, highly regarded institution such as FUTO. This initiative is a “small business-like,” non-credit activity that custom-designs short sustainability education programs to meet specific demands for which a client will pay.

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