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Consistent with the strategic partnership between ACE-FUELS andBio-Logic Science Instruments, the Core Electrochemistry Team at ACE-FUELS logged on to the BioLogic webinar series tagged From setup to EIS: How to obtain consistently good results”, held on April 21st and 23rd April 2020. Participation of the Team in the webinars is based on the need to gain a broad understanding of the BioLogic range of potentiostats, their uses, capabilities and important operational information, as well as details of advanced functionalities, in readiness for the anticipated commissioning of the ACE-FUELS turnkey electrochemistry laboratory, the first of its kind in the Sub Region.

Webinar One, held on 21 April, 2020, with theme: “How to get the best measurements from my potentiostat/galvanostat”, educated participants onhow a potentiostat works, understanding key potentiostat specifications, how to improve DC measurements, how to improve EIS measurements, the importance of linearity/stationarity, best laboratory practices: and how to avoid artifacts on measurements. Webinar Two on 23 April 2020 was on “How to interpret EIS data: Examples from the field of energy and corrosion” and trained participants on basic concepts of the electrochemical interface, Faradaic impedance, electrical equivalent circuit modelling, fitting examples from the fields of energy and corrosion.


At the end of each webinar was a brief question and answer session to enable participants seek further clarifications on gray areas and other issues of concern. The organizers encouraged participants to explore further reading resources in theonline application notes section (https://www.biologic.net/document_type/application-notes/), which contains scientific documents providing details of experiments, scientific protocols and other application-oriented information on the topics. Participants were also invited to make full use of the resources in the Company’s online Learning Centre (https://www.biologic.net/topics/) to access materials and articles to optimize their electrochemistry research experience in the areas of energy storage and conversion, research electrochemistry and materials science.

ACE-FUELS Core Electrochemistry Team members acknowledged the webinars provided an invaluable and refreshing capacity development experience in this Covid-19 lockdown era, providingnew knowledge and broader understanding of new applications of electrochemical technology. They were equally excited about the important information and resources freely available in BioLogic’s Online Learning Centre, which will truly optimize their electrochemistry research experience.

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